ERP Development

Most ERP software companies cater to the “big boys,” but mid-sized businesses have come to realize that resource planning can perform valuable functions for them too. But the value is not through the complex and non-intuitive architecture that exists, either as an on-premise system or as cloud-based ERP through SaaS, or even open source web-based ERP solutions that require an in-house IT staff to utilize them properly.

What you need are certain integrated operations functions (modules) but not others. Perhaps you need ERP software development that integrates in real-time your sales, marketing, customer information, payments, and billing. In the future, as you scale, you may need ERP application development in HR, inventory, and a broader accounting system. What you really need right now is a custom ERP development company that knows how to develop this kind of software, customizing it just for your current environment, but within a platform that allows for additional modules as they become necessary. This is exactly what we offer at Tekhqs.


What Enterprise Resource Planning Software Can Do For You

  • Streamlined & Organized Resources Planning
  • Smart Predictions and Analysis
  • Integrated Information Access
  • Data-Empowered Customer Service
  • Robust Security of Your Business Data
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Reduced Manual Labor and Data Processing Times
  • Better Decision Making, Which Results in Higher Revenues