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Cloud represents a fundamental shift in how technology solutions are developed and delivered. It’s increasingly becoming the new standard.

Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about cloud has probably been written somewhere, but a CIO or a senior level manager rarely has time to wade through it all.

Cloud benefits are real, but that doesn’t mean cloud is easy. The bigger your ambitions, the more challenging implementation will be. But like so many other things, the value you get depends on the rigor you bring to getting it done.

Companies that make the move now can get a jump on competitors in terms of innovation, agility, and cost.

At TekHqs, we have a number of certified cloud technology professionals, our aim is to help our clients be more robust and enable their organisations to make more effective cloud decisions.

We have hands on project experience of the three leading cloud computing vendors, AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud, each have their own strengths and weaknesses that make them ideal for different use cases


A successful journey to cloud requires a multi-disciplinary approach taking into consideration the migration skills, processes and tools to perform the cloud migration and modernisation for small to very large projects.

The client’s needs must be assessed thoroughly and accurately to ensure that the Enterprise Ready cloud solution meets the functional requirements of the enterprise workload as well as meet the standards for performance, security and compliance amongst other criteria.

Any well designed cloud solution will consider the services life-cycle (managed workloads) and the operational model integration and service provider management and ability to provide support for hybrid model will be part of the design.

Our experienced cloud technologists have the expertise required to guide our clients to the most suitable solution for their organisation, from building the business case and performing costing analysis to planning and deploying cloud based applications and solutions.

A typical cloud solution will go through our industry best practice based project cycle as follows.

strategy discovery insight design build

Our cloud team understands the different requirements from clients during their cloud journey, we have worked with clients at different levels of maturity on their cloud road-map from Cloud Hosted, Cloud Ready and Cloud Enabled to Cloud Native businesses and clients.

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