NetSuite for Retail:
Powering the Future of
Retail Industry

NetSuite is a cloud-based ERP platform that has transformed hundreds of ordinary Retail businesses into industry leaders. NetSuite Retail ERP system integrates customer relationship management (CRM), point-of-sale (POS), inventory management, order management, e-commerce, and other business processes to skyrocket overall business performance and productivity.

NetSuite Breaks the Barriers
of Retail Business

Running a fast-growing retail business is a grind. In addition to managing employees, keeping track of inventory, and creating an attractive storefront, retailers must grapple with the ever-changing demands of customers and the competition. NetSuite is an Enterprise Resource Planning Software that helps retailers overcome all these barriers and complexities to escalate their business scalability and profitability.

Netsuite For Emerging Retailers

Fast-growing retailers must equip themselves for long-term success with back-end technology that can compete in the global market and handle every stage of the retail journey to meet growth objectives. Find out the Top 7 Reasons why emerging retailers continue to turn to NetSuite over entry-level solutions.

Powerful Features of NetSuite for Retail

In-Store Point of Sale (POS)

The in-store point-of-sale solution enables retailers to process in-store transactions, manage inventory, and track performance metrics. NetSuite integrates with your existing point-of-sale (POS) system and delivers a complete end-to-end business management system for retail stores to streamline your operations by providing a single integration point for your storage systems. This Retail enterprise management system also integrates with third-party software. You can use NetSuite's integrated product catalog to add products to your inventory and track them as they move through the supply chain.

Inventory Management

Track inventory from design to sale and Keep your inventory list in sync with the latest prices and trends on demand. NetSuite for Retail automatically tracks inventory levels and updates pricing based on forecast demand, actual sales, historical data, and other factors to ensure you always have enough stock. It creates custom product sourcing plans to ensure you always have enough inventory.

Order Management

Efficiently manage customers, orders, and inventory across multiple channels with NetSuite's customer and order management capabilities. NetSuite ERP offers powerful order management features allowing you to quickly and accurately process customer orders. Order management is the core feature of NetSuite for Retailers. Order Management is a handy feature for any retailer who relies on their sales team to get orders right. The system automatically updates stock levels by combining all relevant purchase orders in one place, allowing you to track inventory levels in real-time. You can also create custom product variants to generate itemized invoices or provide additional customer service options.

NetSuite for Ecommerce

Take your business online with NetSuite's ecommerce solution that allows you to sell anywhere, anytime, effortlessly. NetSuite solutions for ecommerce and websites are ideal for retailers looking to expand into new markets or provide ecommerce services to their customers. The E-commerce Module in NetSuite ERP delivers complete ecommerce functionality, including storefront design, product catalog management, order fulfillment, payment processing, and purchase orders. When selling on online marketplaces, you need a reliable payment processor that can deliver the right amount at the right time every time. With NetSuite, you can accept multiple credit card payments directly into your account and ship orders quickly and accurately within minutes of receiving payment approval.

CRM and Marketing

NetSuite integrations with CRM systems help import customer data from other systems into NetSuite. With this feature, you can connect with customers using email marketing automation, call routing, and customer relationship management (CRM) software for personalized services. Marketing Automation is made easy. You can use the NetSuite marketing automation feature to integrate with email marketing platforms to send out targeted email newsletters and social media messages at optimal times. You can also integrate with web analytics tools to track user behavior and sales/marketing analytics to analyze sales data, market share, and customer trends.

Reporting and Analytics

Understand what drives success by analyzing customer interaction and product sales data. NetSuite for Retail provides insights that help you maximize the value of your product mix and increase customer loyalty. In addition, it offers customizable reporting features to gain more significant insights into your business performance by analyzing data in real time.

Financial and Tax Management

NetSuite Retail enterprise management system helps retailers manage their financials and tax obligations. Retailers have many financials to track and manage, and ERP software for Retail provides the accurate tools to help them do it better. ERP solution for retail enables you to manage your accounts receivable, inventory, payroll, and more. With NetSuite's comprehensive reporting tools, you can see what's working and what isn't from a financial perspective at any given time.

Success Ladder of NetSuite for Retail


  • Financials and CRM
  • Real-time inventory management
  • Promotions and returns
  • Marketplace connectors


  • Periodic forecasting and budgeting
  • In-Store experience
  • Automate Commerce Marketing
  • Payroll and HR management


  • Operate globally
  • Sales Intelligence
  • Blockchain
  • IOT


  • Multinational expansion
  • Omnichannel order
  • Around-the-globe SCM


  • Automate Warehouse and manufacturing
  • Personalized Web store
  • Revenue management

Benefits of
NetSuite for

Benefits of NetSuite for Retail

NetSuite for Retail is the industry's leading ERP solution that manages your business better, faster, and smarter.

360-degree View of Retail Enterprise

A laser-sharp retail ERP system offers everything you need to run your business from a single platform. NetSuite gives you a single view of the entire retail enterprise, from inventory management to customer engagement. The retail ERP solution provides retailers with a simplified way to track all aspects of their sales from one centralized location, including sales data and invoices. With NetSuite, retailers can create custom reports to understand their performance better and improve processes as needed.

A Complete Shopping Experience

NetSuite ERP delivers a comprehensive customer experience that empowers customers to manage their shopping experience. Retail ERP helps retailers to interact with customers on the front end, manage order flow throughout the store, collect point-of-sale data, and offer to buy online/pick up in-store options. NetSuite enables a complete view of the customer and allows personalized customer experiences by creating individualized user profiles and improving in-store sales by offering products and services relevant to the customers' needs.

Streamlined Financial Management

NetSuite delivers a complete financial management solution. Retailers gain more context and better understand financial performance across marketplaces as It provides a robust set of financials and controls to help you manage your business more efficiently. It displays the most accurate up-to-date financials filtering by sales channel. You can easily drill into reports to record revenue and costs in the income statement as soon as transactions post.

Cloud-based Omni-Channel Capabilities

Omni channel functionality is crucial for retailers to offer a consistent shopping experience and build strong customer loyalty. With NetSuite's Omni channel capabilities, you can seamlessly manage your inventory, orders, and customer service, automatically generate marketing content, suggest new products, deliver customer service, supervise inventory, and initiate a consistent, on-brand experience from start to finish.

Comprehensive Reporting and Analytics

NetSuite provides comprehensive reporting and analytics tools to help you make better-informed decisions. NetSuite signals the expense report approvals helping you manage workflows seamlessly. You can enhance the report by adding visualization; you can easily export it to excel or schedule it to send via email to all Key stakeholders and non-NetSuite users, one-time or repeatedly.

NetSuite for Retail tailored to Your Business Needs

Our NetSuite ERP solution is designed to help you manage the entire retail business. Our retail ERP system handles today's retailers' complex demands, including inventory management, order fulfillment, and customer relationship management (CRM) functionality. NetSuite is an Enterprise Resource Planning Software that helps retailers overcome all these barriers and complexities to escalate their business scalability and profitability.

Our experienced NetSuite consultants are well-versed in a complete range of Retail management solutions, and we have vast experience in the retail industry.

TEKHQS understands the challenges that retail enterprises face. We can help you overcome them to achieve your goals by maximizing your resources and making it easier for you to manage.

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