CFO Guide: 4 Inflation Metrics to Watch Now

This period has been called the "dangerous decade" for a good reason.

A viral pandemic and the return of inflation have already shaken the 21st-century global economy to its core.

After the shocks of 2022, a global recession in 2023 is a clear signal that will be harder to predict and more terrifying than ever.

The ability to monitor external inflation metrics allows business leaders to ensure their organization responds to changes in the price of goods and services appropriately.

Here, we'll discuss the 4 primary indicators the federal government and industry players use to track the inflation rate and additional data points that may be useful for forecasting trends and making decisions.

Utilize these indicators to make your business ready before any sudden change in economic dynamics:

  1. Consumer Price Index
  2. The Employment Cost
  3. Personal Consumption
  4. Expenditures Price
  5. Product Price Index

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