Your Next 6 Months as CFO survey report

It doesn't matter if you're running a start-up, a family business, or a multinational corporation; everyone needs a Chief Financial officer.

What does the CFO do?

  1. Work closely with the CEO in devising business strategies.
  2. Implement systems and processes to gain efficiency.
  3. Drive commercial negotiations with clients, vendors, or investors.
  4. Lead budgeting and cash flow planning exercises.
  5. Present financial reports along with analysis to support decision-making.
  6. Perform fundraising and many more activities depending on the business's size and stage.

The pandemic caused a domino effect that resulted in existing economic instability. Navigating the new rules for business significantly falls to the CFOs and CEOs.

In this survey, almost all participating executives anticipate a recession within the next year and a half. Examine the current challenges of midsize businesses and how CFOs can steer through them.

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