Flexible Staff Augmentation

A competent and resourceful team takes a lot of care and attention to build. With Tek Headquarters staff augmentation services, we can help you on flexible terms to flexibly upscale and downscale your project teams without disturbing the natural balance of your core delivery team. We like to think of this as a reliable and dependable staffing service to help your existing teams succeed rather than an outsourcing operation.

The core of our resourcing model consists of our own consultant team comprising a staff of some 100 consultants, all experts covering the entire bandwidth of highly specialist knowledge areas from Project and Programm Management to highly technical JAVA, MEAN Stack and SAP HANA or ABAP consultants.

There may be times when demand exceeds the services our team can provide e.g. if a particular subject matter is not covered by our own knowhow or if availability of the required skills is insufficient because the consultants with the relevant expertise are currently engaged on other projects.

With our flexible resourcing model, our clients can control every aspect of teams assigned to their project and their organisation. Tek Headquarters have expertise in finding talent that our clients may not have access to in their local market at such a highly competitive cost. We are very transparent in our commercial approach, we allocate suitably matched available in-house resources without going through lengthy procedures, only the people you need at a cost that will make sense.

Tek Headquarters can build development teams to suit the projects. We ensure that our clients can focus on their core business and further develop their organisation by better use of their resources.

With our On site, off-shore and remote dedicated teams, our clients have access to a healthy pool of technology talent at a fraction of the cost of similar quality resources in their local market. We help our clients to build a team to their role specifications. Some of the reasons why a client would engage our Staff augmentation services include :

  • Increase flexibility
    • scale up and scale down team size depending on your project requirements
  • Scale your development for peak loads
    • When a short term resource or output boost is required to manage peak loads, with TekHqs resources your project can continue without any resourcing constraints. Flexible pricing possible through resource utilisation involving shoring partners (near and offshore)
  • Improve company focus
    • our clients use their highly skilled SME’s to work directly with our teams, the knowledge from company SME’s always drives quality of the solutions with complete focus on the client’s business processes. (our team learns from the best in your team)
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