IT Outsourcing

Outsourcing allows your business to better predict and control costs without compromising on the quality of service provided to internal stakeholders or customers.

There are a number of opportunities and risks to any business when deciding on outsourcing and making the correct choice of outsourcing partner.

The main attraction of outsourcing is its inherent flexibility. Any function or process can be outsourced to the “right” partner. From functions like technical support, user maintenance, to physical infrastructure, to line-of-business applications, there is a service provider to match.

Why should you consider our Outsourcing solution?

At TekHqs we provide a range of outsourcing options including :

  • Front-line IT support
  • Infrastructure maintenance
  • Hosted desktop applications
  • Hosted business applications
  • Cloud infrastructure development

What we currently offer to our clients :

  • 1st line support
  • Problem resolution
  • Incident management
  • Third party escalation
  • Service request fulfilment
  • User device support
  • Project Change management
  • Software Patch management
  • Cloud Application support

If your requirements are not captured within what we currently offer then we can provide your desired customized services / solutions, it is possible that we can provide a hybrid solution to your business requirements and we have ample capacity and experience to set-up new functions if required to support our clients.

The key benefits that your business can expect from a successful outsourcing model such as the one we offer at TekHqs include :

  • Keeping your systems and applications functioning at agreed levels so your team can focus on core business functions.
  • Increase business efficiency by aligning IT to your business requirements and asking the right questions to determine the need for a service or identification of efficiencies.
  • Expertise, resource and technology without the huge upfront investment and effort in resourcing, recruiting and retaining staff.
  • Deliver the flexibility needed to manage current and future IT state
  • Financial certainty with predictable and fixed monthly costs.

We have experience of guiding our clients through the outsourcing process, our experience and knowhow of industry best practices guide us on the approach we take with each client.

Our first area of focus is to always ensure that outsourcing is prioritised in line with our client’s business strategy. It is a standard practice to start with something small, which will enable the client to test outsourcing mechanisms and the realistically measure the business benefits. Outsourcing is best completed according to a step-by-step plan over a period of time (depending on the complexity of your IT environment).

Working with an experienced IT partner allows the clients to balance the risks with benefits and to lean from their experience to make the most strategically valuable outsourcing decisions.

At TekHqs we can help you to deliver a Business plan for your outsourcing model and enable you to demonstrate the Return on Investment (ROI) from your IT Outsourcing.

When it comes to delivery of your outsourced solutions, you’re in safe hands. Our tried and tested methodology is built on years of experience.

We take a number of well recognised frameworks and methodologies into account when designing our offerings for a client and we can customise or build upon a client preferred model be it ITIL v3, PMBoK, Prince2 or Agile or a combination of the best and most suitable aspects from any of the frameworks. In short, we work for you and bring all of our knowledge and expertise to the table to enable you to make the best informed decision guided by our expertise.

We like to make things easier for our clients, our oboarding process is simply 5 steps

The decision to hand over all or part of your IT operations to a third party is a significant task and a smooth transition is key to the success of the ongoing partnership.

Following the five simple steps outlined below, we will transition all or part of your IT service from you or your current supplier to us, smoothly, efficiently and on time.

Are you looking to switch to a new IT outsourcing provider?

If so, we’d love to discuss things further. A number of our successful outsourcing partnerships are with second time outsourcers. These are organisations who have outgrown the capabilities of their existing partner and have moved to TekHqs for a more customised service.

If your provider is not delivering on your SLAs or can no longer meet your requirements in terms of required capability, innovation and ability to scale, then perhaps it’s time for a change?

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