At TekHeadquartes, our vision is to enable businesses of all sizes to realize their potential through technology and innovation. In other words, TekHeadquarters helps businesses maximize their potential through custom software development in different forms. We are a company, focused on our clients with quality being our top priority. We work steadily with clients ensuring they receive the best quality service for whatever their IT related needs may be. We stand with a digital mindset that works with the combination of vocational, strategic, analytic, creative, technical, and functional skills. We offer solutions in mean stack development, enterprise application, application development, ERP development, IT outsourcing, and UI/UX design.

TEKHQs offers a number of services including:

  1. Data Analytics
  2. Business Intelligence
  3. Data Labs
  4. Information Strategy
  5. Cloud Services

01. Data Analytics

Data analysis is the process of inspecting, assessing, understanding, and transforming data with the goal of making the best choices to get the most out of the presented opportunities. At TEKHQs, we take a business led approach to data analytics in order to help our clients obtain proper business insight with both value and sustainability in mind. Although generating insight from data analytics requires both the right processes and technology, we are facilitated to provide insight and attain the right data. We obtain the right insight to business by understanding data, assessing its validity, understanding the presentation; how and when to grasp the opportunities presented by the collected data.

Data Analytics

02. Business Intelligence

This is the process of analyzing data and presenting information withdrawn from it to provide predicted as well as current views of the business goals in the short run as well as the long run. With the right approach, we help clients overcome and resolve critical issues and ultimately help lead them to modernize, innovate, and refocus to put their best foot forward and make their business the best it can be.

Business Intelligence

03. Data Labs

If there’s interest in taking data analytics to the next level, our data labs are the perfect place to start. This is a system that breaks down the data and finds the value presented by the business. In other words, it is a way to generate new insights of the firm that can be put into productive use now and later. Our data labs provide the technology platform as well as a certified pool of professionals to get clients started and fundamentally help them evaluate the overall potential of the business by running tests and finding the ideal way to deal with any issues they may run into along the way.

Data Labs

04. Information Strategy

Strategizing information is the process of bringing all the information of a business together to ultimately come up with a long term plan to help the business achieve its main objectives and open many other business opportunities. At TEKHQs, we work with key stakeholders of our client’s business to develop a roadmap of the obtained data to create a fundamental and logical path to optimize business performance with the available data. We take a practical and integrated approach while keeping the needs of the business in mind to sequentially drive and instill positive data management practices with sustainable results.

Information Strategy

05. Cloud Services

Cloud is quickly becoming the new standard and represents a fundamental shift in how technological solutions are developed and delivered. In simple terms, it is the different types of services available to consumers and businesses without them required to have a certain hardware or internal infrastructure, essentially providing easy access to applications and resources for the business requiring them. Although the benefits from cloud are great, they are not easy to achieve. Therefore, the bigger the ambitions, the more challenging it will be to implement. However at TEKHQs, we have numerous professionals who are certified in cloud technology with the aim of enabling our clients to make more efficacious cloud decisions as well as hands-on experience in the three leading cloud vendors: AWS, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure.

Cloud Services

So, Why TEKHQs?

At TEKHQs, we truly invest in the success of our clients by enabling them to grow and enable ourselves to develop projects and deliver solutions of all sizes. Although headquartered in the US, TEKHQs has grown year in and year out with offices and consultants worldwide. By offering a number of IT services and solutions, we ultimately strive to be the best by delivering effectively and efficiently with our clients’ best interests in mind.

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