Introducing the driving force behind Tekhqs!

While interacting with the CEO of TEKHQS, one can’t help but notice that his resilience, passion, and purpose are not just displayed at the leadership level but shine throughout the company. He has curated a company culture that resonates with each employee and his work ethic has become the identity of TEKHQS. Let’s get to know more about the force behind the company - Mr. Farhan Rafique.

1. Tell us about yourself?

I believe there are five main traits and qualities that define me, both as a CEO and a person. I am extremely organized, immensely passionate about my work, a strong communicator, a born leader and motivator, and also someone who enjoys the challenge of change. I believe it’s my responsibility to continually improve and develop so I can maintain peak performance within my role. Outside of work, I am very family-oriented, and the support of my partner and children means everything to me.

2. How do you plan to succeed as our CEO?

My plan involves four key stages. The initial stage is obtaining a thorough understanding of where we need to be as an organization. This means evaluating our current position, and realizing our strengths, weaknesses, and the opportunities that are available to us. The second stage is creating a definitive action plan based on short, medium, and long-term strategic objectives - both tactical and financial. Next, assessing key senior team members, who are in a position to influence the change we need, and more importantly, to deliver it. There will undoubtedly be many members of the organization who are highly talented and hungry to deliver on the changes we, as an organization, want to make. Lastly, I will provide the necessary resources, motivational support, and leadership direction needed for us to succeed. While my plan will always be flexible and adaptable to the challenges and changes in the industry, I am one hundred percent confident it will succeed.

3. What’s your plan to make our organization better?

Ask not what the company can do for you, ask what you can do for the company. My high spirits and analytical capacity enable me to hit the ground running, size up and solve problems rapidly. At my end, I am working towards organizing a more suitable office space for our growing team, hiring competent resources, and providing the latest tech to our employees - but really, it’s my team who will take TEKHQS to the next level.

4. Tell us about the competencies you possess that make you effective as the CEO?

I believe that four distinctive competencies have always helped me professionally. Firstly, being a quick decision-maker is essential - and realizing that making a wrong decision is better than making no decision at all. Second, it’s important to recognize the stakeholders of a project, pinpoint their grievances and work on channeling their resistance into optimistic energy. Next, all successful leaders are highly flexible and adapt quickly to industry changes. Lastly, it might sound cliche, but consistently showing up and delivering your best potential every day will immensely help you in any role, not just make you an effective CEO.

5. What are the biggest challenges that someone in this position would face?

That’s a great question! Sometimes it gets quite difficult to acquire more financial resources, and allocating the company budget between departments when we need to cut down expenses becomes very challenging. Another thing I don't particularly like is the number of uncomfortable conversations I have to get through - whether it’s dealing with customers who don’t pay on time, letting an employee go, or calling out a team member for their unprofessional behavior.

6. How do you see our company changing over the coming years, and how do you plan to create the necessary changes?

TEKHQS is a one-stop shop for cutting-edge business and technology solutions, and I envision us expanding globally. Just like we have successfully catered to the trucking and logistics industry in the USA, we will continue to work hard and achieve a prominent position in other international markets - and become their go-to digital transformation partner. I plan to leverage the competencies of our exceptional team and use their expertise to establish TEKHQS as a household name for businesses and individuals alike.

7. What steps would you take to ensure that the correct company culture is maintained?

I believe that a team is the reflection of its leader. To expect a great company culture would mean to hold myself accountable to exceptional standards. Being transparent with employees, getting to know the team, following the same rules that are imposed on the staff, and recognizing the efforts of exceptional team members are the core steps that ensure good company culture. Apart from that, I strongly emphasize on team-building activities and a smooth onboarding process for new employees to cultivate a nurturing workplace environment.

8. As a CEO, what advice would you give to your employees to motivate them?

Find your passion, develop the relevant skills, and you will love waking up every single day to go to work. We all start our careers somewhere, and sometimes the road to success might seem bleak, but consistency is key if you want to make it to the top. Put your head down, give your best and let your work speak for you.

9. Which leader has inspired you the most in your life?

One of the most inspiring leaders for me is Eleanor Roosevelt, who was not only a champion of human rights but also way ahead of her time. Her spirited activism paved the way for many females to set foot in the workforce, and one of her quotes greatly inspires me as an entrepreneur - “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”

10. In the end, tell us about yourself outside of work? What excites you most in your personal life?

I’m a simple man. I love to travel, whether it’s for leisure or business. I’m an avid reader, an average chef, and a loving father and spouse. I’m a tech nerd, and I love to keep up with the latest gadgets and software.

We hope this peek into Farhan’s mind was as fascinating for you, as being in his presence was for us. Being a successful entrepreneur indeed means much more than driving revenue - as he asserted, it’s all about your employees, work ethic, creativity, and having your personal cheerleaders in life.

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